Kamu juga sysop kan? --AlfinMiqradz2000 (talk) 21 Juni 2013 02.48 (UTC)

No. VSTF --Austin (Talk) 22 Juni 2013 04.16 (UTC)

Excuse me.

You know if Tolololpedia is using Indonesia langages. So, you Recomended can speak Indonesia Language (along with another English speaking user). --AlfinMiqradz2000 (talk) 21 Juli 2013 14.39 (UTC)

I volunteer for Wikia. I don't speak Indonesian. Sorry. --Austin (Talk) 21 Juli 2013 15.06 (UTC)


Can you ask to RansomTime why am i blocked on Logopedia? --AlfinMiqradz2000 (talk) 22 Juli 2013 00.35 (UTC)

You are not blocked there. If you receive a "you are blocked" message please send the Block ID to Special:Contact --Austin (Talk) 22 Juli 2013 01.40 (UTC)
You can't find the "BLOCKED" text because only me can see it! Just click "Edit Profile" and you will find the log. --AlfinMiqradz2000 (talk) 25 Juli 2013 02.52 (UTC)
I cannot help you without a BLOCK ID. Please reply with only the BLOCK ID. --Austin (Talk) 25 Juli 2013 02.59 (UTC)
7387 for me and AlfinIzraq2000 --AlfinMiqradz2000 (talk) 25 Juli 2013 03.05 (UTC)
That block will not be removed. Sorry. Any questions please direct to Special:Contact. Thanks. --Austin (Talk) 25 Juli 2013 04.42 (UTC)


Hello there, Eulalia! I'm one of the Admin and Bureaucrat here. Can I ask you something?

  1. What's the meaning of "page is patrolled"?
  2. I want to remove the chatroom on the left of the page. How to do it?

Thank you. Seketwut 11 Agustus 2013 03.40 (UTC)